Kyocera Ceramic Sharpener

Kyocera Ceramic Sharpener
5 990 Ft

This super-efficient sharpening rod is made out of advanced ceramic, a material close in hardness to diamond. The material strength of this sharpening rod will provide excellent results when re-sharpening or honing the cutting edge of your metal-based knives, scissors and cutting tools. The length of ceramic rod is 15 cms.

Proper use: When your metal-based knife or cutting tool is extremely dull, first use ribbed side of ceramic rod to sharpen blade by creating a finely ribbed texture on primary cutting edge.Then, use smooth surface of rod to hone or finish edge.


Highest precision and dexterity during cooking. You will simply have fun with the ultra light Kyocera ceramic knife while you prepare your dish. These ceramic knives are especially good at cutting vegetables and fruits. However Kyocera knives are not only preeminent in cutting. The biggest difference  between ordinary ceramic knives and the precision tools of Kyocera is simply the quality. This company is able to produce such high qulity blades through state-of-the-art technology combined with handicraft and exquisite purity of the raw material, Zirconia. Each one of these products stands out due to extreme high flexibility and long lasting sharpness.

Since 1984.

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