Rolling pin

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Rolling pin
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Sodort acél, forgó testű, 45 cm hosszú tapadásmentes sodrófa/nyújtó, fa fogantyúval. Rendelkezik az ideális nyújtó mindhárom tulajdonságával, van  súlya, tapadásmentes, forog a teste, így kevés fizikai erő kifejtésével érjük el a kívánt hatást.





Ibili has been manufacturing kitchenware products since 1942.

Their corporate policy based on continuous product innovation and adaptation to market requirements has formed a totally customer outstanding record of quality of service.

Their catalogue offers more than 2.000 different references. Now located in a new distribution centre of more than 16.000 m2 in Alegria-Dulantzi (Alava), in Spain.

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